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As of July 1, 2023, licensing and other health and occupational licenses will become part of the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals and Licensing (DIAL) as a new organizational structure for state government goes into effect. Government departments and agencies that provide related services or have similar business functions are aligning to better serve Iowans.

Iowa Board of Nursing

LPN Supervisory Course

Iowa Administrative Code 655 6.5(1)b.(2) permits the licensed practical nurse, working under the supervision of the registered nurse, to supervise in a nursing facility. The licensed practical nurse who is employed to supervise must complete a course specifically designed for the supervisory role of the LPN in long-term care within 90 days of employment as a supervisor. The course must be the course that was developed and approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Effective 2/1/2017, the Board approved course is entirely online and accessible 24/7. Access to the course at the National Healthcare Institute's Supervisory Course for Iowa's LPNs webpage. It is the responsibility of the licensed practical nurse to maintain his or her certificate documenting completion of the course. 

On April 4, 2018, the Board of Nursing adopted revisions to the Iowa Administrative Code 655, Chapter 6.5(1). These rules allow the LPN, working under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, to supervise in a nursing facility. The Licensed Practical Nurse shall complete the online National Healthcare Institute’s Supervisory Course for Iowa’s Licensed Practical Nurses within 90 days of being put in a supervisory role. It is the responsibility of the Licensed Practical Nurse to maintain his or her certificate documenting completion of the course. On June 13, 2018, the rules were implemented in Iowa facilities.

A Licensed Practical Nurse shall be entitled to supervise without completing the course if the Licensed Practical Nurse was working in a supervisory role on or before October 6, 1982. In addition, a Licensed Practical Nurse currently enrolled as a full-time student in a Registered Nurse program who is scheduled to graduate within one year is not required to complete the course. It is the Licensed Practical Nurse’s responsibility to inform the employer of their educational status. The employer must track the completion of the RN coursework and RN licensure. Furthermore, there will be no waivers issued, effective immediately.

Individuals who do not graduate from the RN program as scheduled or who are not successful on the RN-NCLEX must take the online course within 90 days by accessing the NHI Online Supervisory Course. Learn more on the NHI website.

See the Chapter 6 Rules that govern the LPN Supervisory Course under 655 IAC, chapter 6.5(1)

If you more questions regarding the LPN Supervisory Course, visit our Practice FAQ page.

Updated 3/2/2023