Iowa Board of Nursing
Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

LPN Functions

Periodically requests are received by the Iowa Board of Nursing to clarify tasks or skills which fall within the scope of practice of a licensed practical nurse. The following list has been developed for use as a guideline. Some tasks require additional education and training with documentation of skill in the nurse's personnel file.

  • May insert NG tubes and feeding tubes which do not require guide wires for insertion.
  • May reinsert a gastrostomy tube in an established tract.
  • May remove sutures and staples.
  • May perform sterile CVP dressing changes.
  • May participate in the nursing process, consistent with accepted and prevailing practice. The RN is responsible for the initial assessment.
  • May perform a patient history.
  • May irrigate a urethral catheter. May not irrigate a nephrostomy tube.
  • May perform continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis exchanges with RN assessment of client at least every 24 hours. LPN may add medication to the dialysate.
  • May draw blood samples for routine testing when prepared to do so and practicing in accordance with agency policy.
  • May perform cardiac monitoring on a telemetry unit.
  • May monitor clients receiving mechanical ventilation with assessments verified by an RN.
  • May perform tracheal suctioning.
  • May receive telephone, verbal and written physician orders and process the same according to institution policy.
  • May perform glucometer readings.
  • May reduce a prolapsed rectum or uterus.
  • May monitor the patient receiving total parenteral nutrition.
  • May irrigate and remove a suprapubic catheter and reinsert a suprapubic catheter in a well-established tract.
  • May reconstitute Rocephin with diluent containing Lidocaine.
  • May assist a physician in an E.R.C.P. examination.
  • May, under the supervision of a physician, perform facial exfoliation and therapeutic acne treatments.
  • May do nasal suctioning.
  • May administer newborn hearing screening test.
  • May administer and evaluate tuberculosis skin tests.
  • May monitor continuous subcutaneous infusions with an RN assessment every 24 hours.

The scope of practice for the licensed practical nurse in regard to provision of intravenous therapy and renal dialysis are identified in 655 IAC Chapter 6.


Reviewed 11/2014

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