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Nursing Education - FAQs

Does the Iowa Board of Nursing approve out-of-state nursing programs?


The Iowa Board of Nursing does not approve out-of-state nursing programs, but they do accept out of state programs if the programs meet the following requirements:

  1. The program is approved by the state board of nursing or agency which regulates nursing programs in that state.
  2. The program is in good standing with the regulatory agency.

Please contact the appropriate state board of nursing or agency to find out if the program meets these requirements.

If the program is approved and in good standing an individual may take the NCLEX in Iowa for licensure.

Does the Iowa BON review criminal conviction information prior to an individual starting or concluding their nursing education?


Prospective students with criminal convictions can find more information about applying for a license and petitioning the board for an eligibility determination here: Criminal Conviction Eligibility

Once an individual has met the graduation requirements, they can apply for licensure. If they have answered "yes" to the criminal conviction question on the licensure application they must submit copies of the paperwork associated with this offense to the Iowa Board of Nursing to be approved for licensure. The Board will review the conviction prior to licensure. The applicant has the option to sit for the NCLEX exam before they have received approval for licensure from the board.

You may read the instructions for licensure application with a criminal conviction at this link: Licensure - FAQs. Scroll down the page for information about criminal convictions. 

Do nursing students practice under their clinical instructor's nursing license?

Nursing faculty frequently talk about students practicing under a nursing instructor's license. This is an inaccurate statement because the only person who works on a nurse's license is the person...

Who may not take a nursing course with a clinical component?


655 Iowa Administrative Code 2.10(6) requires that the nursing program shall notify students and prospective students that nursing courses with a clinical component may not be taken by a person:

  1. who has been denied licensure by the board.
  2. whose license is currently suspended, surrendered or revoked in any U.S. jurisdiction.
  3. whose license/registration is currently suspended, surrendered or revoked in another country due to disciplinary action.

Individuals seeking enrollment or currently enrolled in nursing programs who are not eligible to take a course with a clinical component because of disciplinary action in any state should contact the Iowa Board of Nursing Enforcement Unit at 515.281.6472 as soon as possible.

Heads of programs who are aware of individuals to whom this rule applies should contact the Iowa Board of Nursing Enforcement Unit.

What is the new US Dept of Education regulation related to professional licensure that went into effect July 1, 2020?

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