Iowa Board of Nursing
Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Criteria for Out of State Nursing Programs

Out of state nursing education programs approved by other state regulatory agencies (defined as where the program has its legal domicile) shall be allowed to provide clinical, preceptorship, and/or didactic nursing instruction in Iowa under the following guidelines:

  • The university or college shall contact the Iowa College Student Aid Commission to determine whether it must apply for registration of the institution under Iowa Code chapter 261B and be granted approval to operate in Iowa.

  • The nursing education program shall be approved by the regulating body in their home state and comply with the regulatory requirements in each state where the program is offered.

  • The educational program shall be aware of criteria for nursing educational programs operating in Iowa, as set forth in 655 Iowa Administrative Code, chapter 2.

  • The controlling institution, the nursing program or the head of the program shall submit data, information or materials to the Iowa Board of Nursing, if requested.

  • The delivery of instruction of the nursing education program shall be congruent with the nursing program curriculum plan and enable students to achieve program outcomes.

  • The Institution’s nursing faculty instructing or practicing in Iowa shall hold an active Iowa nursing license or be recognized for licensure in Iowa pursuant to the nurse licensure compact contained in Iowa Administrative Code, chapter 152E.

The following guidelines pertain to allowing the provision of clinical and/or preceptorship experiences for pre-licensure and post-licensure nursing students:

  • The institution and clinical agency shall have a contractual agreement which includes:

    • Identification of responsibilities of both parties in regards to client services

    • Faculty control, selection, and guidance of student learning experiences

    • Provision for termination of the agreement

    • Provision for annual review

  • Preceptorship:

    • A preceptor shall be approved by the nursing program in collaboration with a clinical facility to offer supportive learning experiences consistent with program outcomes.

    • The program shall be responsible for informing the preceptor of the responsibilities of the preceptor, faculty, and students. The program shall retain ultimate responsibility for student learning and evaluation.

  • The post-licensure nursing student enrolled in nursing courses with a clinical component shall have an active Iowa nursing license or be recognized for licensure in Iowa pursuant to the nurse licensure compact contained in Iowa Code chapter 152E.

  • The post-licensure nursing student shall practice within the parameters of Iowa Code section 152 and 655 Iowa Administrative Code, chapters 6 and 7.

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Reviewed 2/15

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