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Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Criteria for Out of State Nursing Programs

Out of state nursing education programs must: 

  • Be aware fo nursing educational program criteria operating in Iowa, as set forth in 655 Iowa Administrative Code, chapter 2.

  • Determine registration status and seek approval to operate in Iowa by contacting the Iowa College Student Aid Commission under Iowa Code chapter 261B.

  • Follow their home state regulations for nursing programs in each state where the program exists.

  • Submit data, information or materials to the Iowa Board of Nursing, if requested.

  • Deliver instruction that is congruent with the submitted curriculum plan and achievement of program outcomes.

  • Ensure that nursing faculty instructing or practicing in Iowa hold an active Iowa Nursing license or nurse licensure compact contained in Iowa Administrative Code, chapter 152E.

  • Have clinical contractual agreements that include:

    • Identification of responsibilities of both parties in regards to client services.

    • Faculty control, selection, and guidance of student learning experiences.

    • Provisions for termination of the agreement.

    • Provisions for annual review. 

  • Be aware of preceptorship guidelines, that include:

    • The nursing program will approve preceptors with collaboration of the clinical facility.

    • Preceptor experiences support student learning and program outcomes.

    • The nursing program is ultimately responsible for the students learning and evaluation.

    • The nursing program must inform the preceptor of the responsibilities of the preceptor, faculty, and students.

  • Post-licensure nursing students attending a clinical component must have an active Iowa nursing license or licensure in Iowa pursuant to the nurse licensure compact contained in Iowa Code chapter 152E. 

  • The post-licensure nursing student must practice within the parameters of Iowa Code section 152 and 655 Iowa Administrative Code, chapters 6 and 7. 

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Updated 11/8/22