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Applicant and Licensee Criminal History

Current licensees must report all criminal convictions within 30 days of resolution. (See 147.55(3) per 655 IAC 4.6(3) “e”.) This includes deferred judgments, nolo contendere and Alford pleas. The only resolution a nurse is not required to report is a dismissal. Criminal convictions do not include traffic violations such as speeding, etc.

Licensees will be asked again about their criminal convictions each time they renew their license. When renewing a license you must report any convictions you have received since your last renewal. You may only answer “yes” that they have already been reviewed if you reported them prior to renewal.

Applicants for initial licensure must report all criminal convictions. A letter of explanation is required explaining the circumstances surrounding each conviction, the date, location, and final charge at resolution, and any changes in your life since then.

To expedite the review of your criminal convictions by the Board please send the following: A certified copy of the plea of guilty, and the sentencing order. These records may be obtained from the county clerk where the charge was filed.

You may also send: Copies of documents that verify that you have complied with the sentencing order from the court such as a letter from your probation officer stating that you completed the requirements of your probation, receipt of attendance at required programs, or receipt of payment of fines.

Link to file a self-report of criminal conviction:  Enforcement Complaint Form

See: Criminal History Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.