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Licensure by Endorsement

Graduation from an approved LPN/LVN program if you are an LPN/LVN or graduation from an RN Program if you are an RN.

Having held the same type of licensure in another state.

Having passed the national licensure examination in effect at the time of licensure.

  1. Complete the application for Licensure by Endorsement into Iowa either online or by requesting an Endorsement Packet be mailed to the address of record.
  2. Complete the waiver form for criminal history background check.
  3. Complete all areas of the two fingerprint cards and be fingerprinted by a authorized professional.
  4. Fee of $169.00 (personal checks accepted) payable to the Iowa Board of Nursing or payment online by credit card.
  5. An official nursing transcript received by mail directly from your school of nursing or the institution maintaining the record. Transcripts in sealed envelopes received from the graduate WILL NOT be accepted. Faxed and electronic transcripts are also unacceptable.
  6. Verification of Original License - Use this form if your original state board of licensure is not listed on the License Verification Request Form through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Please contact your original state of licensure to verify the fee required for license verification.
  7. License Verification through - The quickest and easiest way to verify your original license (if possible) is to go online to To verify that your state of original license is a NURSYS participant go to and click on "Get a License Verified".

Please contact the board office at or 515.281.4827 or check the status of your online application at IBON Onlines Services. 

Yes, verification of a temporary license is verified under "License Verification" at IBON Online Services. You will need your Temporary License Number that begins with TMP.

Yes, you can verify your license by last name and last four digits of your social security number at, IBON Online Services and then choose Secured Access. You can also view the newly issued license at

A temporary license is issued when the board office has received: 

  1. Application for licensure by endorsement
  2. Completed fingerprint cards and the waiver form.
  3. $169.00 Fee
  4. Verification of original license
  5. You have no criminal conviction(s)
  6. You have no current disciplinary action against your license in another state.

The temporary license is valid for 30 days.

A license will not be issued until the board has received all required documentation and the board has reviewed the case file and voted to approve Iowa licensure.

Please email the change to or fax to 515.281.4825 to the attention of the Endorsement Division.

The timeframe to receive all documentation is usually 2 to 8 weeks. Upon receiving all required documentation, your Iowa license will normally be issued within 5 business days. If you have not heard anything from the board office in five weeks from the date mailed it would be advisable to contact the endorsement division at or 515.281.4827.

  1.  If you apply for licensure by endorsement into Iowa and currently reside in another compact state, you MUST provide an Iowa address on your application.
  2. If you do not know if you reside in a compact state, you can access that information at
  3. Please DO NOT fold or bend your fingerprint cards. Use an envelope large enough to accommodate the size without folding or bending the fingerprint cards. Fingerprint cards that are folded or bent will be rejected and returned to the applicant.
  4. Ensure the section for HIGH SCHOOL is completed on the application. Check the appropriate box for Diploma or GED.
  5. If you move to the state of Iowa from another compact state and hold active license in that state, you are allowed to practice in the state of Iowa for 90 days using that multi-state license.

Your local sheriff's office, police station or any authorized fingerprinted center.

Usually, but check with the place where you are planning on being fingerprinted.