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Exemptions of the Continuing Education Requirement

The administrative rules exempt the continuing education requirement for any licensee who meets any of the following conditions:

  1. Served honorably on active duty in the United States military services during the license period. A licensee who claims this exemption shall retain evidence of active duty to be presented upon request. 
  2. Residence outside of Iowa and licensure in another mandatory continuing education state during all or part* of the licensure period. If audited, the licensee must submit a photocopy of a current license in another state that also has a mandatory continuing education requirement, and the license must show an address outside of Iowa.
  3. Worked as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse for the government or foreign service or in missionary work, if the licensee was assigned to duty outside of the United States (US) during the relevant time period. A licensee who claims this exemption shall retain evidence of employment outside of the US to be presented upon request.
  4. Had a physical or mental disability or illness during the relevant time period and applied for an extension of time to complete continuing education requirements. An application is available upon request and requires the signature of a health care provider who can attest to the existence of a disability or illness during the license period. A licensee shall not claim an extension of time or exemption from continuing education requirements on a license renewal application pursuant to this rule unless and until the licensee has received approval. A licensee who obtains approval shall retain a copy of the written approval to be presented upon request. The application can be obtained by any of the following means:
    1. Telephone 515.201.2509
    2. E-mail to Laura Hudson
    3. FAX to 515.281.4825
    4. Writing to the general address: Iowa Board of Nursing, 400 SW 8th St Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50309-4685

*The requirement is exempted for the entire license period for any licensee who meets the conditions for exemptions 1, 2, 3 or 4 at the time of his/her renewal. If the conditions for these exemptions are met for only a portion of the licensure period, but not at the time of renewal, contact the board office directly for additional assistance.

Reference: 655 IAC 5.2(8)

Last updated: 1/2018