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Appropriate Subject Matter

All courses used to renew a nursing license must qualify as appropriate subject matter for nursing continuing education. The same definition of appropriate subject matter is used for all courses, including academic courses, courses from approved providers, courses granted special approval, and courses that are recognized without being either from an approved Iowa provider or granted special approval. (Refer to What Qualifies)

The following excerpt from the Iowa Administrative Code 655--Chapter 5, Continuing Education, defines appropriate subject matter:

5.2(4)a. Criteria related to appropriate subject matter. Appropriate subject matter for continuing education credit reflects the educational needs of the nurse learner and the health needs of the consumer. Subject matter is limited to offerings that are scientifically founded and predominantly for professional growth. The following areas are deemed appropriate subject matter for continuing education credit:

(1) Nursing practice related to health care of patients/clients/families in any setting.

(2) Professional growth and development related to nursing practice roles with a health care focus. 

(3) Sciences upon which nursing practice, nursing education, or nursing research is based, e.g., nursing theories and biological, physical, behavioral, computer, social, or basic sciences.

(4) Social, economic, ethical and legal aspects of health care.

(5) Management of or administration of health care, health care personnel, or health care facilities.

(6) Education of patients, or patients' significant others, students, or personnel in the health care field.

b. Continuing education credit shall not be awarded for the following:

(1) Self-help and self-care that are not scientifically supported.

(2) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support classes.

(3) Orienatation in-service activities.

Updated 1/1/2018