Iowa Board of Nursing
Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Veteran's Licensure & Application

Veteran's and the Home Base Iowa Act

In response to the Home Base Iowa Act, the Iowa Board of Nursing has adopted rules, Chapter 18, Military Service and Veteran Reciprocity.  Pursuant to the adopted rules, 655 - 18.2 Military education, training, and service credit, a military service applicant may apply for credit for verified military education, training, or service toward any experience or educational requirement for licensure by submitting a military service application form to the Board office.

Click here for the form: Military Uniform Application

  1. The application may be submitted with an application for licensure or examination or prior to application for licensure or to take an examination.  No fee is required with submission of an application for military service credit.
  2. The applicant shall identify the experience or educational licensure requirement to which the credit would be applied if granted.  Credit shall not be applied to an examination requirement.
  3. The applicant shall provide documents, military transcripts, a certified affidavit, or forms that verify completion of the relevant military education, training, or service, which may include, when applicable, the applicant's Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214) or Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) (DD Form 2586).
  4. Upon receipt of a completed military service application, the board shall promptly determine whether the verified military education, training, or service will satisfy all or any part of the identified experience or educational qualifications for licensure requirement.
  5. The board shall grant the credit requested in the application in whole or in part if the board determines that the verified military education, training, or service satisfies all or part of the experience or educational qualifications for licensure.
  6. The board shall inform the military service applicant in writing of the credit, if any, given toward an experience or educational qualification for licensure, or explain why no credit was granted.
  7. The applicant may request reconsideration upon submission of additional documentation or information.

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