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Appeals for Direct Board Review (Petition for Waiver)

Rules found in 655 IAC chapter 3 impose late renewal and reactivation fees. If a license is within 30 days after expiration a payment of a late renewal fee is required. If a license is not renewed by the expiration date or within the 30 day late period the license is placed on inactive status and reactivation fees are required to reactivate the license.

The Board of Nursing has the authority to suspend in whole or in part, the requirements or provisions of a rule as applied to a licensee based on the particular circumstances of that person.

Petition for Waiver must be submitted in writing to request all or part of a rule be waived.

The burden of persuasion rests with the petitioner to demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the board should exercise its discretion to grant a waiver from a board rule.

Unless other arrangements have been made, the board will grant or deny a petition at the time of the next scheduled quarterly meeting. Items for consideration by the board are due in the board office three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Click here for meeting times and deadlines.

Please note that the appeal should describe in detail extenuating circumstances that were beyond the licensee's control that caused the license to become late or inactive.

Individual renewal notices are not mailed to licensees. Licensees can verify expiration dates at or on the wallet card. Historically, the board has not approved appeals based on the licensee's failure to receive or read the newsletter.

Updated 2/15