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Additional Information and Troubleshooting Tips

This document contains the following Information:


Computer Requirements to Renew Online

On-line renewal requires 128-bit encryption capabilities for security reasons. Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher has such capabilities. Netscape or AOL can also access the site, but if problems are encountered, it is recommended that Internet Explorer be tried.

If you receive an error after clicking the On-line License Center link, this may be because your browser does not have the required level of encryption. The following steps can be taken to correct this problem:

  1. Note the version of your operating system (right click on My Computer, select Properties)
  2. Note the version of your Internet Explorer (from your browser, click on Help, then select About Internet Explorer)
  3. Go to the following website:

    Important: This page has several links on the right-hand side; be sure to select the one appropriate for your versions of both Internet Explorer and Windows. After the installation is finished, be sure to restart your PC.
  4. Select “Run this program from its current location.” Click on OK and then Yes.
  5. Restart you computer.

Items You Will Need to Know in Order to Renew Online

Before you begin the renewal process, make sure that you have the following items at hand:

  • nursing license number, social security number and date of birth
  • continuing education information
    Reporting continuing education has been simplified. You will only have to make one entry to indicate whether you have met the continuing education required for license renewal.
    For additional information regarding continuing education, the basic requirements, waivers or calculating academic credit, go to the index, choose continuing education and click on the applicable link.
  • MasterCard or Visa credit card or debit card (If you do not have access to one of these, you will need to renew your license on paper. Contact Iowa Board of Nursing or at 515.281.3264 for paper renewal forms.)
  • an address of record that is either within Iowa or within a state that does not belong to the multi-state licensure compact

Registering to Renew Online

The registration process will REQUIRE that you enter the following information:

  • your Social Security Number without any hyphens
  • your nursing license number, making sure that all characters are numerical except for the “P” in LPN numbers
  • your date of birth. Note that the word “year” must be deleted before you type in all four numbers in your birth year
  • a password of your choosing, which is at least 6 characters in length, and is comprised solely of alpha characters (no numbers or symbols)
  • Note that entering an e-mail address is optional; the system will accept your registration without an e-mail address