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Renewal Information

Renewal - Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse

Choose IBON Online Services to renew your nursing license via this site - Then Choose: "Renew an Existing License"

Please check your wallet card or the Online Verification System to determine your license expiration date.

A licensee may renew a license beginning 60 days prior to the license expiration date on the wallet card. Make sure your continuing education requirements are met. See this link for more information:

  • For example: if a license expires on January 15 that license can be renewed on November 15.

Licensees are encouraged to renew over the Internet using MasterCard, VISA or Discover. Online renewals are processed immediately by the computer program. Click on IBON Online Services to renew online.

If you are unable to renew over the Internet, you may contact the board office in writing to request that a paper form be mailed to you, e-mail Iowa Board of Nursing or call 515.281.4826. Please include name, current address, license number or social security number with your request. The mailing address is: Iowa Board of Nursing, 400 S.W. 8th Street, Suite B, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-4685.


Iowa law requires that the renewal be completed 30 days prior to expiration. The board has elected to not impose a monetary penalty for missing this deadline, but the later the renewal is received the more likely it becomes that the new license will not be in hand by the time the old one expires. Also, if a paper renewal cannot be processed as received, and must be returned to the licensee for any reason, and if it is then resubmitted and received after the 15th of the birth month, it is considered a late renewal; there will be an additional $50 late fee. (The Postmark on the envelope is not taken into consideration when determining if a renewal is late.)

Late Renewals:

Renewals that are received on the 16th of the birth month and prior to the 16th of the following month are considered late renewals, requiring payment of the $50 late fee in addition to the $99 renewal fee. The date received in the Board office is the date used to determine if the renewal is late. The date the envelope is postmarked is not taken into consideration.

Board of Nursing rules do not prohibit the practice of nursing during the 30 day grace period. However, the employer has the prerogative to prohibit practice during this time frame.

Licensees may continue to obtain continuing education during the 30 days after expiration, but anyone renewing late will be audited.

Board staff does not have the authority to waive the $50 late fee. A licensee may submit a Petition for Waiver of the late fee for review by the board.

Processing Time:

The board requires three to five working days to process a paper renewal. Renewals are returned to the licensee for a variety of reasons, the most common one being the failure to answer all of the questions on the renewal form.

Online renewals are processed over the internet immediately, without the need for human intervention.

Wallet Cards:

Wallet cards are printed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday whether the renewal has been submitted electronically or on paper. The wallet card will be printed and mailed within 3 - 5 working days.

ARNP Renewal information can be found at this link: ARNP Renewal