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Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Name/Address/Email/Phone Numbers - Updating Information

Licensees are required both by Iowa Law (147.9) to notify the board office of any change in their address of residence, and required by the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC 655—3.7(1)) to notify the board of changes in both name and address.

Name Changes

For security reasons and the protection of Iowa nurses, name changes can only be submitted in writing.  Online or phone name changes are not accepted. 

Names changes can be submitted by any of the methods below:

  • Send by ground mail to:

Iowa Board of Nursing 400 SW 8th Street, Suite B Des Moines, IA 50309-4685

Name change requests must include your license number, your current full name and your previous full name.  

Address Changes

The licensee can enter the address change directly into the database themselves, through IBON Online Services and then choose “Licensing Services" then click "Update Contact Information.”  This site also enables the licensee to update their email address and phone number in their license record. (See important note below regarding changing email addresses.)

Address changes can also be submitted in writing by any of the methods detailed above for submitting name changes. Be sure to include your license number, previous address, and current full name and address.

By the terms of the Nurse License Compact law, the board must have a physical address of residence.  For this reason, an employment address is not acceptable in the license record. However, the licensee is now able to enter a PO Box as the mailing address, and enter the address of the physical residence separately.

Important note on changes to email addresses

Although the licensee is able to change their email address through IBON Online Services, this will only change the email in their license record in the board’s database.  It does NOT change the email under which the licensee registered to create their account which is maintained by the state’s IT department.  The difference will not affect your license, but may cause you difficulty if you need to click on “forgot password” or “forgot user i.d.” when you want to log in. 

To change that email address:

  1. Go to IBON Online Services
  2. Select “Update Contact Information”
  3. Enter the user i.d. and password, but do NOT click “Sign in.”  Instead, click on “Account Details.”  It will be apparent where you can change your email address for the login account. 
  4. Click on “Save,” and then “Continue to Board of Nursing."

Updated 11/9/2022