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Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Licensure FAQs

How do I change my name or address?

Address changes may be completed at IBON Online Services and then choose Licensing Services, then click Update Contact Information or submit in writing, by fax (515.281.4825), or by email at Written requests must include your name, old address, new address, and your license number. 

Name changes must be submitted in writing, by fax (515.281.4825) or Email to All written requests must include your current full name, previous full name, and your license number. Online name changes are not allowed. 


What is the process for the Iowa board to endorse my license to another state?

You must contact the state board of nursing where you want a license and request an application for licensure. NCSBN provides information to contact other boards of nursing. Complete the Nursys license verification request online at  The fee of $30.00 is payable by debit or credit card. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the Nursys License Verification Department at 888.425.8242 or at 866.819.1700.

How can I verify status of an Iowa nursing license?

The Iowa Board of Nursing provides two methods for employers/individuals to verify a RN or LPN license in "real time":

  • ​Access the On-Line License Verification System at IBON Online Services. Click on License Verification. The employer/individual may verify the status of an Iowa license, determine if the license has discipline and print the information on the screen.  A license number is required for on-line verification.

  • License verification is also available by last name and the last four digits of the SSN by choosing IBON Online Services and then click "Secured Access." Creating an account will be required for this method of verification. 

  • The board will provide a non-certified statement of licensure by mail upon receipt of a written request and fee payment. The fee for a non-certified statement of licensure for RN or LPN license is $3.00 per license. Fees are payable to the Iowa Board of Nursing. This process does not include a certified statement.
  • For additional questions on license verification call 515.281.3264.
Can an individual with a criminal conviction become licensed?

Individuals with criminal histories are not automatically prohibited from obtaining a nursing license in Iowa.  Prospective applicants with criminal convictions can find more information about applying for a license and petitioning the board for an eligibility determination with our Criminal Conviction Eligibility page.  You may petition a review of your convictions with our Eligibility Petition Form & Instructions

In order for an individual to become licensed in Iowa, one must first graduate from a state board approved nursing program, at which time they can then apply for licensure. If someone has answered yes to the criminal conviction question on the licensure application the applicant must provide copy(s) of the sentencing order(s) when submitting application materials. The Board of Nursing will review each individual application and criminal record and make a final decision regarding licensure. The applicant has the option to sit for the NCLEX exam before or after they have received approval for licensure. The applicant will be asked to submit the following written materials to the board office at the time of application.

1) Send a copy of the court records (e.g., sentencing order, dispositional documents, trial information, judgment entry) along with the application.

2) A brief summary of the conditions the led to the charge(s), including date, location and outcome, must be included with the application.

Am I required to report criminal convictions and discipline taken by a licensing authority of Iowa or another state, territory or country?

A licensee is required to notify the Board within 30 days of the entry of a guilty plea, deferred judgment, or criminal conviction. A licensee is also required to notify the Board within 30 days of the date of the final decision in a disciplinary action taken by the licensing authority of another state, territory or country.

If the criminal conviction or discipline has been reviewed by the Board, a licensee shall answer affirmatively to these questions on future license applications and/or renewals and indicate the issue has been reviewed by the Board.

Who is eligible to take the LPN NCLEX exam?

Those individuals who have graduated from a state board approved nursing program. An individual may not challenge the NCLEX examination under any circumstance in the State of Iowa.

I am retired or I have no plans to return to work, how do I inactivate my license?

A license status is automatically changed to inactive status when the license is not renewed by the 15th day of the month following your expiration date. If in the future you decide to use your license again, you can reactivate the license.

How much continuing education is required for reactivation?

Reactivation requires 36 contact hours of continuing education earned within the 36 months prior to the date of receipt of the reactivation application.

Where do I have get my fingerprint cards completed?

Fingerprint cards MUST be the ones issued by the Board of Nursing.

Fingerprint impressions MUST be obtained through an authorized technician. Contact your local sheriff's office or police department to set up an appointment to have your fingerprints taken (a fee may be charged for this service). DO NOT CALL 911 when contacting the sheriff's office or police department for this reason. You can get your fingerprint cards completed in any state. 

What is the Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement?

The Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement (NLC) allows a nurse who resides in a compact state to hold ONE license in the nurse's primary state of residence and practice in all other states in which the compact is in effect. Primary state of residence is where the nurse holds a driver's license, pays taxes and/or votes. NLC Information provides a listing of the compact states and additional information about the NLCA.

How do I know if I hold a Multi-State License?

To verify whether or  not you have a multi-state or single state license go to the Iowa Board of Nursing website at  Then select the "IBON Online Services" tab at the home page. Click on "General Information," then on the "License Verification" tab and enter your license number.

Does my license have Multi-State privileges?

To make certain you have multi-state privileges, check on the IBON Online Services License Verification site by typing in your license number. 

How many Continuing Education Units are needed to renew my license?

 All renewals require 36 Contact Hours.

How can I renew my license if I do not have a credit or debit card?

The Iowa Board of Nursing encourages online renewal. The IBON Online Services is a secure website. However, you may follow the online process and stop when you reach the payment page. Mail a note to this office stating the application has been completed online and send it in with the renewal fee of $99.00. A paper renewal application may be also be requested by calling 515.281.3264.