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The Requirement

Iowa Code § 147.7 requires that licensees display their licenses where they practice.


If your wallet card is lost, stolen or destroyed, a duplicate wallet card is required. In these instances, there is a fee of $20 for the duplicate.

However, if a wallet card and/or wall certificate is mailed by the board office, and is not received after a 14 day waiting period, the licensee can notify the board office within 60 days, and the wallet card/certificate will be reprinted at no charge.  After 60 days, the fee of $20 and the application for a duplicate wallet card or certificate are required.  

If you want to request a duplicate wallet card or certificate, download the Application for Duplicate Wallet Card or Certificate. The completed form must be notarized and mailed to the board office. Original signatures are required.

Iowa Board of Nursing
RiverPoint Business Park
400 SW 8th Street, Suite B
Des Moines, IA 50309-4685

If you have questions, you may contact:

Email: David Brunk
Phone: 515.281.3264


If you have your current wallet card in your possession, but wish to make changes to it, you may want to request that it be reissued. This would apply if you want to change your name, address or compact status. It is NOT required by the board to reissue the license in these instances, and a notarized application is NOT required. If you do elect to have your wallet card/certificate reissued, you MUST provide a written request that includes the changes requested, and you must return the current/original wallet card or certificate to this office.

The fee for a reissue is $20.

Rev. 3/2015