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Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Licensure


ARNP license renewals can be started online, including payment.

Step 1: First, make sure the underlying RN license is renewed.

For Iowa residents or residents of noncompact states that means completing the renewal of the Iowa RN license, before proceeding to the ARNP. This can be done online. Residents of compact states must first renew their RN license in that state.

Step 2: Next, go to “IBON Online Services.”  You will need to create an account if this is your first visit to the site. Then select the option to “Renew an Existing License.”  Follow through to the end of the process, making sure to click “Complete the Application” after payment has been made, and then clicking “Continue” one more time.

Step 3: Submit the required documentation.

  • A copy of current certification card from the applicable national certifying body.
  • Residents of compact states must submit documentation that the RN license in the state of residence has been renewed.

 Any of the following is deemed acceptable:

  • A copy of the new RN license in the compact state
  • Copy of an online verification from the website of the other compact state
  • Copy of the verification printed from, “QuickConfirm”

The renewal cannot be completed by office staff, until the required documentation has been received. This can be submitted by any of the following mechanisms:

  • Ground mail to the Iowa Board of Nursing, 400 SW 8th St Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50309-4685
  • Fax to the attention of “ARNP renewals” at 515.281.4825
  • Scan and send as an email attachment to

Continuing Education Requirement

The continuing education required by the national certifying body is deemed to meet the continuing education requirement mandated by law for license renewal.  Documentation of current certification in itself verifies compliance.

Do note that this also meets the continuing education requirement for renewal of an RN license. If selected for a random audit of continuing education when renewing your RN license, you may submit an additional copy of the current national certification card as evidence of compliance with the continuing education requirement.

However, ARNPs who regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat children or adults in Iowa are required to complete training related to the identification and reporting of child/dependent adult abuse.  Any ARNP performing direct hands-on care of any kind is deemed to be a mandatory reporter, and must complete two hours of training every 5 years, and must submit documentation if the RN license is selected for audit.  See the Mandatory Reporter Training requirements at this link: Mandatory

Upon renewal of licensure, ARNPs who perform fluoroscopy procedures need proof of continuing education. See this link for more information: Fluoroscopy Audit Procedures