Iowa Board of Nursing
Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Approved Provider Application Process

The process to apply for Iowa Board of Nursing approved provider status is comprised of submitting the information requested on the application, as specified in 655 IAC, Chapter 5. Please organize the information in the sequence as listed in the application example. NOTE: All of the application materials must be submitted in triplicate in hard copy. Do not send the materials via email. There is no application fee. 

Click here for the directions to obtain approval as an Iowa approved provider: Provider Application with Policy Examples  
Click here for the form to fill in for page one of the provider application: Provider PDF Fillable Form

If you have questions while completing this application please contact the Board office at 515.281.3255 and ask for the continuing education department. 

Once the completed application has been received by the board, it will be scheduled for review within 60 days. Within approximately two weeks of the review, a letter will be sent that will detail any additions and/or revisions that might be necessary. The administrative rules allow the applicant two committee reviews or one year to meet provider criteria, whichever comes first. If the provider approval is denied, there is a waiting period of one year before the application process can be initiated again.

If the provider applicant is approved, provider approval is awarded for five years. The application for provider reapproval is sent six months before the expiration of the current approval.

Reference: IAC 655, Chapter 5 - 5.3

Last updated: 1/28/2022 

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