Iowa Board of Nursing
Kathleen R. Weinberg, MSN, RN, Executive Director

Mandatory Training on Abuse Identification and Reporting - FAQs

Where do I find the mandatory abuse training curriculum?


The approved curriculum is offered by the Department of Human Services. See their site for information:

Who is required to take the Mandatory Reporters of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Course?


A licensee who regularly examines, attends, counsels or treats children or dependent adults in Iowa is required to complete training related to the identification and reporting of child/dependent adult abuse.

What if I do not treat children or dependent adults in Iowa, work in another state, but hold an Iowa license?


The course is NOT required in this case. If this licensee is audited, a letter from the licensee’s place of employment will be required stating that patients treated are not in Iowa.

How often is the Mandatory Reporters Child/Dependent Adult Abuse Course required?


Effective 7/1/2019, a licensee is required to take two hours of training every three years. See the Department of Human Services website for additional information:

What if I am audited and in my work I do not regularly treat children or dependent adults? How do I complete the audit?


A letter from your place of employment or supervisor stating that in your course of employment you do not regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat children or dependent adults in Iowa, sent with your continuing education certificates, will satisfy the audit.

What documentation is required for proof of attendance of the Mandatory Reporters of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Courses?


A certificate of completion from the provider of the course that includes:

  • Provider’s Name
  • Licensee’s Name
  • Name of Course Attended
  • Date of Attendance
  • Iowa Department of Public Health's approval number (After 7/1/2019, the Dept. of Human Services will approve the curriculum). 
  • Iowa Board of Nursing approved provider number, if continuing education credits were awarded before 6/30/19.
  • Iowa Department of Human Services certificate of completion, if completed after 7/1/2019. Nurses may count 2.0 contact hours of CE for the coursework offered by DHS, for each course taken. 

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