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CE Basic Requirements

Continuing education is mandated by Iowa law as a prerequisite to renew RN and LPN licenses. The requirement is as follows:

  • For renewal or reactivation of all licenses, the requirement is 36 contact hours of continuing education. 

A license issued for less than three years is granted for two years, plus the number of months to the birth month. Thereafter, the license must be renewed every three years.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner - Continuing Education Requirement

An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) holding current certification in their specialty is deemed to be in compliance with Iowa Continuing Education (CE) requirements. See 655 IAC 5.2(5)b. There are no extra continuing education credits required for the ARNP license. ARNPs are deemed to be in compliance with Iowa continuing ed requirements by their compliance with the requirements of their national certifying body, as evidenced by their current certification card required for each renewal.

Mandatory Training On Abuse Identification and Reporting

It is also mandated that ARNPs, RNs and LPNs who regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat dependent adults or children in Iowa are required to complete training related to the identification and reporting of child/dependent adult abuse. The licensee is required to complete the course offered by the Iowa Department of Human Services. See the following information:

1) Certificates of completion for mandatory reporter training taken before 7/1/2019, are still valid and may be used to document completion of the requirements. 

2) After 7/1/2019, you must follow the new course DHS course requirements.  If you have not been required to take the Mandatory Reporter training before, because you do not have patients or clients who are pediatric or dependent adults, then you are not REQUIRED to take the new course. However, if you are audited when you renew your nursing license, your employer will need to send a statement stating that you do not regularly examine, attend, counsel or treat children or dependent adults in Iowa. 

Iowa Board of Nursing renewal applications may not indicate this change as of 7/1/2019, but the changes are in process. Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 655, chapters 3 and 5 will also be amended to reflect the new law. In the meantime, follow the DHS requirements. 

If a licensee is audited and the required training was taken prior to 7/1/2019, you may submit a certificate that is still effective. After 7/1/2019, if you need to take a course, you must show proof that you meet the new requirements established by the DHS. The new coursework may be counted as 2.0 contact hours of nursing continuing education. However, the certificate only shows social work credits at this time. Any additional questions should be directed to the DHS. 

See the follow link to go directly to the DHS web page: Mandatory Reporter Training

Code of Iowa (1995) - 272C.2
Iowa Administrative Code 655, Chapter 5 

Last updated: 1/2020

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